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We are planning a ride that is directed at promoting life and liberty for all children and their mothers. Our goal is to liberate and empower mothers who feel that they have no other choice than to abort their unborn children, and to empower their communities to help and to encourage them whether they choose motherhood or to give the gift of parenthood to a family seeking it.

Our plan is to connect mothers in need with pregnancy centers and adoption agencies as well as to churches and community groups committed to helping women through the difficulties of an unexpected pregnancy. All of this will be highlighted on August 24th, 2019 by a peaceful motorcycle ride to Albany, NY, from all over the state, by motorcycle riders and others who are committed to expressing their love to women and their children from conception to adulthood and beyond.

ROUTE: All riders will come from their respective places and meet up near SUNY Plaza Park at SUNY New York on Hwy 5 [Broadway] in Albany before noon on Saturday August 24th. Lead bikes will cross through the intersection of Broadway and State and head Northwest on State at noon. The rally will then turn right on Eagle and bear left onto Washington Ave. There will be about 20 minutes to stop and pray, meditate, or observe silence at West Capital Park. Riders may do that in groups or individually. Lead bikes will then depart to the northwest on Washington Ave. The rally will continue, bear right on Central Ave, and continue northwest. At Everett Road, riders will then head to their respective towns and cities. Please obey traffic laws and show respect to all citizens and Law Enforcement. When asked about the ride, tell people that you are showing your commitment to love and serve unborn children and their mothers as well as direct them to our website.

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