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Ride 2 Life

Pro-Freedom Pro-Woman Pro-Life


Ride 2 Life: Albany, NY

Saturday, August 24

Mother and Baby

Motorcycle riders have a long history of charitable rides and causes. This is an opportunity that cannot be ignored. Motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the State of New York And beyond will embark a ride to Albany, NY on August 24, 2019 in response to the most recent disheartening bill to dehumanize people in the womb. Although the ride is not a call to political action, our intent is to encourage people to embrace a mission of advocacy for the unborn and their mothers. Our desire is to liberate women from the bondage of feeling like they do not have any other choice but to abort their baby.


This website is intended to help women to find crisis pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, and churches with families willing to lovingly come alongside them and help them turn something difficult into something beautiful and life-giving for them and their babies. Together, we can make a difference in many lives in the most literal sense. And through that, we pray that the eyes of our society will be opened to the horrifying reality of abortion and put an end to it forever.

Our plan includes this website which is intended to be a central hub in which expectant mothers in difficult situations can find refuge in crisis pregnancy centers and adoption agencies as well as to churches and community groups committed to helping women through the difficulties of an unexpected pregnancy. All of this will be highlighted on August 24th, 2019 by a peaceful motorcycle ride to Albany, NY, from all over the state and beyond, by motorcycle riders and others who are committed to expressing their love to women and their children from conception to adulthood and beyond.

Ride to Life is committed to promoting life and liberty for all children and their mothers. Our goal is to liberate and empower mothers who feel that they have no other choice than to end the lives of their unborn children, and to empower their communities to help and to encourage them whether they choose motherhood or to give the gift of parenthood to a family seeking it.

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